8L90 8-SPEED


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MAXIMUM ENGINE POWER:   420 Hp (313 kW)*
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MAXIMUM ENGINE TORQUE:  460 lb-ft (624 Nm)*
8L45 8-Speed GM Powertrain OEM Transmission

8L90 Features
& Specifications

Designed and built by GM, the 8L90 automatic transmission offers increased efficiency and lighter weight compared to the previous 6L90 Hydra-Matic six speed transmissions. With a wide 7.0 overall gear ratio, smaller steps between gears, and numerically higher 4.56 first gear, the 8L90 (AH2R) helps keep the engine within the sweet spot of the rpm band for a greater feeling of immediate performance while making the most of its horsepower and torque to optimize performance and efficiency. Vehicle control features including Grade Braking and Driver Shift Control (TAP Shift) are available based on application needs.

maximum engine power: 420 Hp (313 kW)*
maximum engine torque: 460 lb-ft (624 Nm)*
maximum gearbox torque: 665 lb-ft (900 Nm)
gear ratios: N8X
first: 4.56
second: 2.97
third: 2.08
fourth: 1.69
fifth: 1.27
sixth: 1.00
seventh: 0.85
eighth: 0.65
reverse: -3.82
maximum shift speed: 6,000 RPM
maximum vehicle weights: Up to GCVW 22,500 lbs. (10,227 kg)*
range selector quadrants: 5 position (P, R, N, D, M) Protected for 6 position (P, R, N, D, M, L)
case description: 2-piece main, bell integrated with main case
case material: Die-cast aluminum
shift pattern: 2 on-off solenoids
shift quality: 6 variable force solenoids. One for each clutch and one for TCC
torque converter clutch: Variable Force Solenoid ECCC, 2 path, turbine damper
converter size: 258 mm
fluid type: DEXRON™ High Performance ATF
fluid capacity: 10.3L (Excluding Cooler Volume)
transmission weight: 218 lbs. (98.9 Kg)
pressure taps available: C12345R Clutch
assembly site: Toledo, OH and Silao, Mexico
*GM Estimate